Upload and update entire web sites with one click.

Newsflash: 29 April 2003. New versions available for download.

Do you make frequent changes to your website? UploadAway is an automated uploading and maintenance utility which supports multiple sites.

UploadAway takes a different approach to maintaining your website. You can swiftly update an entire web site with one click.

All you have to do is tell UploadAway:

  1. Where your files on your computer are
  2. Where you want the files to go on your web server
  3. Your FTP login details

               That's it!

One click, and let UploadAway take it away.

UploadAway is designed to take the hassle out of maintaining site updates by making the procedure simple. Web developers will appreciate UploadAway's following advanced features:

UploadAway runs on the Windows platform. A Linux version is being written.

Free license offered to the first person to discover an unknown bug, or for any comments deemed helpful.

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